The Grand Prix 21-23 March 2008

Happy Easter! Though it doesn’t feel like it here not a choccie egg or Easter bunny in sight! Whilst we had booked to stay in KL for the Grand Prix the circuit is actually out at Sepang which is over an  hour’s drive from KL so for the race we decided to camp at the beach near Sepang which we had sussed out when we were there previously.

We had bought the cheapest seats going but had a reasonable view of much of the track though we couldn’t see the start and finish line. To be honest it wasn’t my cup of tea, as I’m not really a car person but it was particularly hard to get into it as there were no big screens visible where we were sitting and no commentary, so it was hard for the uninformed to work out what was happening. This meant that we couldn’t really have told you who won etc (though we just about gathered Ferrari came first) even after seeing it.  As well as the Grand Prix there were other races ie) Formula BMWs, Porsche Carreras and Speed cars. The 2 pace cars for the F1 were both Mercedes a station wagon and a sports coupe.

After the race finished we went for a walk and found the main merchandising area so had a look around. For the 3 days we hadn’t realized it existed as we were parked down the far end and there were no signs. You could buy headphones which offered a running commentary on the race which might have helped. Surprisingly we never saw a program for sale the whole time maybe they never made it to our stands or sold out immediately.  I guess I would have got more into it if I’d had a ringside seat in one of the air conditioned VIP boxes (dream on!!!)  Whilst I appreciate that the cars are amazing (and VERY loud!) and the drivers very brave I feel I’ve ticked that off the list, and no need to see a Grand Prix ever again.

Andrew enjoyed it much more being amazed by the speed of the cars and the development of the technology since racing started. He was barracking for Toyota and /or Mark Webber- the only Aussie in the race.   Toyota   were coming 3rd at one point and Webber was 5th not sure where they ended up  ..will look it up on the internet (so much for being there!)

Talking of cars we have been having a few issues of our own, as ours has been blowing black smoke. We have been referred to a man who is a major expert on diesel motors in the area so today (Monday) we headed down to see him. His diagnosis is that the diaphragm in the fuel pump needs to be replaced. This needs to come from Johor so we will have to wait until tomorrow. Thus, tonight we are camping in the delightful workshop in Senawang industrial area. Moments like this remind you what travelling is all about!!

 He has also generously lent us a car so we will go off for an explore shortly. Should be back on the road again by tomorrow and heading back to KL.