Thanks to the following kind people who have generously provided both goods and services. Click on the link below to find out more about these products and to see your nearest stockists.

We've been using Maxxis Bighorn 235 x 85 R16 tyres since we were in Thailand in April 2008.  The tyres have certainly been put through their paces - some incredibly rough roads - including the beaches and sand deserts of India and the snow and ice of Ladakh and they have performed excellently throughout. We rotate the tyres 2 by 2 -the rear ones have done 51,500 km to date and the front 12,000km. In terms of strength and durability they have been incredible - far better than any previous tyres we've used.

We've been using Mobil1 Oil throughout the trip and have always been very satisfied with its performance. On a journey  (80,000 km to date and as much to go!) which has encompassed extremes of temperature from minus 10  (Ladakh) to 50 plus degrees (the deserts of Rajasthan) Mobil1 has done us proud throughout. Being 100% Synthetic the oil is also compatible with an older (26 years) 2 H diesel engine. After switching to this oil a welcome surprise was how much cleaner the internal engine appears which in turn protects the bearings and moving parts by stopping friction. We feel the condition and longevity of the engine is much improved, and we're very happy to be promoting Mobil1 on our trip around the world.

We installed our Raw 4x4 shocks as we first arrived in India in March 2009. Since then we have covered over 40,000km including some of the roughest roads and biggest pot holes in Indian, Nepal and Bangladesh (which is quite saying something believe us!) Thus far the shocks are doing a sterling job and giving us a safer and far more comfortable ride than we'd otherwise be having. Thanks to all the team at Raw and their parent company Powerdown for all their help.


We have been using HR products a long time, our HR tow bar was installed over 20 years ago. It has been faultless - tough and durable - to date. Before we left Australia we installed a HR lockable pin which has given us 100% security for our spare wheel and bikes.

Hema maps came on board very early on and so were really helpful in the planning stages our trip. When we hit a new country our first task is to pour over our Hema map and "join the dots" linking up the best roads between things of interest. Certainly one of our most important sponsors - without them we'd be literally lost ! Thanks to all at Hema.

Big thanks go to Grant Davina and Margy for designing and making our rear awning which has kept us dry through monsoonal downpours and our camera bean bag which supports the camera and takes some of the strain on the more bumpy roads.

Thanks for detailing the car before we shipped out and dark tinting the wndows -very good at blocking out the intense tropical heat.

TMH provide our plastic storage containers, which have worked perfectly keeping the dust out of our clothes and electrical gear. Thanks for your help guys

Thanks for the $10 voucher guys - every little bit helps!!!

Our in-car solar driven Engel fridge has been operating for 7 years straight and has been a real godsend on the trip - particularly when providing a life saving cold beer when necessary!

 We've used Mr. Site since we left Australia to document our trip and we are now onto our second site. Our aim was to create an on-line diary for our sponsors, family friends and as an information source for other travellers - so that they might be saved from making some of our mistakes!! Thus - being complete IT novices -we wanted a product which was simple to use and to update.  Mr. Site has really fitted the bill and believe us if we can use it so can you! The guys on the customer service team and the clear instruction manual are great too. Shame they can't improve on 3rd world internet connections (particularly now the product is available in India) - but that one's outside anyone's power!!

Thanks to Anantara for giving us a few nights of luxury. We hope the recent Thai troubles haven't affected you or the elephants too much.

 Aussie Signs can be found at Cnr Coonawarra Road and Sweet street Winnellie Darwin.

Contact Howard at or 08 8924 3772.

Aussie Signs of Darwin were a great help dressing the car up for its voyage by providing our stickers. Almost 3 years later despite much exposure to the elements handling wide extremes of temperature (minus 10 to plus 50 degrees) the original stickers are still in great condition.